Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you in the new EarthFriendlyBiz?

The new EarthFriendlyBiz is up and running. It's better than before with a fantastic new members area and... the ability to keep in touch with all contacts you generate! If you were a member of EarthFriendlyBiz before, you'll need to sign up again. Make sure to follow the steps in your members area, and you'll be well on your way to having a duplicatable system that gives results!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How I Got 550+ Downline Members in List Joe

I just checked my List Joe downline and in my first through fifth levels I have over 550 List Joe members! List Joe is a list builder and downline builder that builds 12+ other lists for you.

Here are the main ways I built my List Joe downline:
1. Using the ads provided in List Joe and sending the ads to the recommended list builders
2. Promoting Earth Friendly Biz through the recommended list builders and other advertising sources like Free Traffic Bar, Instant Buzz, Traffic Swarm, and Herculist. When you promote Earth Friendly Biz, you will start to see a percentage of the real-time leads you generate signup in the different recommended programs in step 2.

Note: you can use List Joe to send email ads to random members. If you promote some of the recommended list builders through the email ads, then you will have bigger downlines in the other list builders. This means you can reach more people using method #1.

Make sure you are consistent with your advertising. Most people don't join the first time they see an ad. It is important to get your message out there repeatedly. Using a calendar can help you keep track of when you can send out email ads on the different list builder programs.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Global Domains Signups With EarthFriendlyBiz

I don't promote Global Domains directly, but I do get signups in it. How? Most of my signups have come through two systems: EarthFriendlyBiz and PayItForward4Profits.

No matter what you're promoting, it's important that you have a system. Systems are powerful and systems are duplicatable. For instance, take a look at PayItForward4Profits. Over 300,000 people have joined since it was created!

Systems do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. While they don't do everything for you, they do make things much easier. What you have to get good at is advertising so you can get large amounts of traffic to your replicated site. Keep filling the pipeline.

If you want those weekly bonuses in Global Domains, one way to do it is to get really good at promoting a system that includes Global Domains. And make sure you've bought at least 10 Global Domains DVDs since that's part of the qualification for bonuses.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Get Signups in FreeTrafficBar With EarthFriendlyBiz

EarthFriendlyBiz has been responsible for most of my 180+ referrals so far in FreeTrafficBar. FreeTrafficBar is an amazing browser plugin. It installs a toolbar that rotates your ad along with the ads of other members of FreeTrafficBar. You can get quality targeted traffic for free with this toolbar. And note that people who click on your ad are not doing it to get credits or other types of rewards. They're doing it because the ad catches their attention and interest. If you use this free toolbar over a period of time, your ad clicks can really add up (I'm nearly at 2000 ad clicks!).

If you're looking for more referrals in FreeTrafficBar, make sure you promote your EarthFriendlyBiz replicated site, and you'll see a certain percentage of leads join under you in FreeTrafficBar.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

EarthFriendlyBiz Members... You Must See This!

If you've been in EarthFriendlyBiz, then you probably know that it's promoting an Earth friendly business, or you can just tell from the name :) And you've probably heard more and more stories about how we have to protect the Earth for future generations.

How would you like to participate in a system that shares the wealth with all, and lets you help save our planet? This system works and it's called Streamline Magic. I have seen the founder of this system in person. He is a marketing genius and multi-millionaire who knows what he's doing. He has put together one of the most amazing systems combined with a company known for its outstanding reputation and high quality.

Check out Streamline Magic and lock in your position today before the flood gates are opened...