Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get Global Domains Signups With EarthFriendlyBiz

I don't promote Global Domains directly, but I do get signups in it. How? Most of my signups have come through two systems: EarthFriendlyBiz and PayItForward4Profits.

No matter what you're promoting, it's important that you have a system. Systems are powerful and systems are duplicatable. For instance, take a look at PayItForward4Profits. Over 300,000 people have joined since it was created!

Systems do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. While they don't do everything for you, they do make things much easier. What you have to get good at is advertising so you can get large amounts of traffic to your replicated site. Keep filling the pipeline.

If you want those weekly bonuses in Global Domains, one way to do it is to get really good at promoting a system that includes Global Domains. And make sure you've bought at least 10 Global Domains DVDs since that's part of the qualification for bonuses.

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