Saturday, July 12, 2008

How I Got 550+ Downline Members in List Joe

I just checked my List Joe downline and in my first through fifth levels I have over 550 List Joe members! List Joe is a list builder and downline builder that builds 12+ other lists for you.

Here are the main ways I built my List Joe downline:
1. Using the ads provided in List Joe and sending the ads to the recommended list builders
2. Promoting Earth Friendly Biz through the recommended list builders and other advertising sources like Free Traffic Bar, Instant Buzz, Traffic Swarm, and Herculist. When you promote Earth Friendly Biz, you will start to see a percentage of the real-time leads you generate signup in the different recommended programs in step 2.

Note: you can use List Joe to send email ads to random members. If you promote some of the recommended list builders through the email ads, then you will have bigger downlines in the other list builders. This means you can reach more people using method #1.

Make sure you are consistent with your advertising. Most people don't join the first time they see an ad. It is important to get your message out there repeatedly. Using a calendar can help you keep track of when you can send out email ads on the different list builder programs.

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